Jackie Copeland

Certified Health Coach

Are you ready for simple solutions to get a healthy meal on the table more nights than you eat out?

Do you have a  forever young mentality and want to stay fit, healthy, and active for life?

Do you want all of the above without giving up yummy food?

Then You’re in the Right Kitchen!

As a former sugar addict turned health coach, I’m passionate about enjoying every second of life and doing the things I love most – cooking, hiking, and gathering at the dinner table with family and friends.

I’d love to share what I’ve learned, so if you’re ready for a food and lifestyle makeover, then pull up a chair at my kitchen table.

We’ll get to know each better as we let go of the mindset that healthy food is no fun, that meal planning and prep are too hard, and that staying fit requires eating steamed broccoli and dry chicken every night.

Grab a copy of  “The No-Cook Contessa’s Quick and Easy Menu Plan” to get a taste of how simple and delicious healthy can be.

Then hop over to my blog for inspiration and Paleo Plus recipes for yummy food that feeds your body and your soul!

Life is meant to be savored.
Slow down and enjoy every delicious morsel of fun, food, and friendship.
The Blog
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