Did Ben and Jerry Just Betray You? (Say good-bye to meal planning excuses)

Don’t you hate it when someone you love rats you out?  If you’re a parent, you know all to well that it’s usually our kids in their not-so-innocent, know-it-all voices who expose our secrets for all to hear.  Let’s take a moment to hang our heads in shame as we recall hearing our little angel share the latest embarrassing revelation, ““Well, my Mom always (insert your secret here)!”

But today, we’re here to shine the light on another betrayal, and it’s not the kids this time. It’s the voiceless friends you turn to when you’re facing a mountain of laundry, a pile of bills, and a shopping trip for that dreaded bathing suit for next week’s family getaway.

They tell a different story than the one you just shared with your best friend over an afternoon caffeine fix at Starbucks.  You were overheard saying that you know you “should” be eating healthier, that you’re tired of feeling tired all the time, and that you are so over wearing the same pair of forgiving stretchy black pants every day.

Friends talking over coffeeYou went on to say, “But my life is so busy right now that I just don’t have time to plan healthy meals and go grocery shopping.”

Channeling Meredith Grey in her snarkiest of voices, may I just say “Seriously? Seriously!”

Because your Chunky Monkey ice cream is calling you out.

You are so busted!

Just how did you favorite ice cream find its way into your freezer?  Even without a plan, someone had to have shopped for it, right?

Does this sound familiar?

I can see that last shopping trip now.  You were out running errands, checked your iPhone, panicked when you saw that it was already 5 PM, and realized that you had no plans for dinner.  You decided to dash into the nearest grocery store and grab some supplies for a last minute meal.

As you walk in, you madly searched your mental recipe vault for inspiration.  Spaghetti it is!  Again.

You walked past the produce aisle, heading straight for the pasta where you grab some sauce, remembered that you were out of lettuce for the salad, so you walked back to the produce aisle.  You waited patiently (hmm, sort of) for the distracted mom in front of you to decide between spinach and iceberg while chatting on her cell phone and trying to soothe a fussy toddler.

After finally taking your turn – Congrats on choosing the spinach, Mom – you spotted the berries which make you think of cereal, which reminded you that you’re out of almond milk… And so you backtracked to the refrigerated section.  Finally satisfied that you had everything you needed, you headed toward the check out lanes.  As you passed thru the frozen foods, you noticed your favorite dynamic duo, Ben and Jerry, and grabbed your beloved pint to savor while binge watching Game of Thrones.

So just how long did it actually take to make that “quick” stop at the grocery store?  By my count, it took exactly 43 minutes and 26 seconds.

The saddest part of all?  You are going to repeat the same scenario three days from now.

Stop the madness!

Imagine what the shopping trip could’ve been like if on Saturday afternoon you had planned ahead and simply:

  • Checked your calendar to see how many meals you needed for the upcoming week
  • Filled out your weekly menu plan with your go-to healthy meals
  • Surveyed your pantry and refrigerator and made a list of the items needed for your shopping list

Now, picture yourself walking purposefully into the grocery store for your weekly shopping trip with your list in one hand and your recyclable shopping bags in the other – Yes, you are THAT woman now!

Organized. Purposeful.  Taking control of your health and your life.
organized shopper

In less time than it took to wander aimlessly throughout the store trying to survive the current crisis of “what’s for dinner,” you walk out with all the supplies necessary to provide healthy meals for yourself and your family for the upcoming week.

Ready to make the transformation from unorganized, excuse maker to purposeful planner?

One Simple Thing

There is one simple thing you can do now to take control of your meals, your health, and your time.

Decide to become a meal planner.  By making this decision today, you will no longer need to make those last-minute dashes to the grocery store or choose convenient-to-prepare foods rather than those that are healthy fuel for your body and life.

Notice I didn’t say that you should “try” to design 1 plan for this week.  I said you should become a meal planner.  It is now who you are.  What you do.  How you live.

By making this decision once, you become someone who sets aside 15 minutes every week to follow the steps listed above.

You will find that this one simple decision will help you feel less stressed, save time, and save money because you aren’t buying things you don’t need.  The most amazing result will be how your body responds when you feed it healthy food prepared by you.

So, no more excuses – Ben and Jerry took care of that.   Make the decision today to let go of crazy and embrace meal planning.

Keep in mind that if you try to find other excuses and keep making those mad, unplanned dashes to the store, someone you love will eventually spill the beans.

Share your decision to become a meal planner in the comments below.  If you already belong to the purposeful planning club, share your tips and tricks for success.  It so much fun to learn from each other!



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