What if:

 every day you could wake up feeling rested, walk into your closet and grab jeans that fit and face your day with the answer to the most dreaded question of all time:  What’s for dinner? 

After years of dieting, trying, and failing miserably to meet unrealistic expectations I finally found this simple recipe for living healthy, happy, and free:

  • Eat more delicious, whole foods made with love in your own kitchen
  • Move your amazing, beautiful body by incorporating fun activities into every day
  • Love the people around you by taking care of yourself so you can give them 100% of the authentic you

Simple Recipe.  Not so Easy to Follow.

Let’s face it.  Every day you are faced with obstacles:

  • Busy schedules that make meal planning and exercise seem impossible
  • Conflicting advice from diet “gurus” on what we should be eating
  • Stressful lives and lack of sleep causing hormone fluctuations that make you feel like your body has been invaded by a stranger
  • Break rooms filled with donuts and cupcakes and check out lanes filled with caffeine and sugar quick fixes
  • Picky family eaters who insist on keeping a pantry and fridge filled with chips, cookies, and pints of chunky monkey ice cream
  • The mindset that everyone else’s needs come first and eating healthy is just too hard

All of these can crash down on you at the same time and cause that perfect storm for an unhealthy body and an unhappy life.

My Free to be Me Signature Program will walk you though the necessary steps to break through those obstacles.  You will learn to:

  • Place you and your health at the top of your priority list
  • Become a meal planner to save time, money, and calories
  • Unfriend sugar and replace it with healthy fats and delicious flavor bombs like homemade dressings and sauces
  • Build a healthy plate perfect for your unique body
  • Stop feeding your emotions and become a more mindful eater

Ready for your food and lifestyle makeover?

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Sam & veggies

 As my adorable Sam can testify, with the right support, education, and determination:

Anything is Possible.

Even loving veggiesI 

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